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At New Wave Apparel LLC, our mission is to provide fashionable and affordable clothing and accessories to men and women, without compromising on quality. Founded in 2020 by Amber Boyd Childress, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and value our commitment to our customers, honesty, trust, and community.

We strive to stay ahead of the industry trends and provide our customers with a unique and personalized shopping experience. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to make sure you find the perfect urban streetwear that fits your style. Shop with us today and discover something new!

Make a statement with New Wave Apparel, the go-to destination for urban streetwear. From the freshest trends to the hottest looks, New Wave Apparel LLC has got you covered. Step up your streetwear style designed to make a statement. and be apart of the wave! Let's get WAVY with New Wave Apparel, can you ride the WAVE?

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